Men's Club

With a focus on spiritual growth, we are dedicated to the service of theĀ  Parish Community by coordinating Parish requests for volunteers and support.

The Men's Club has a number of events and opportunities for participation including:

Volunteering at specific Parish events: The Men's Club Leadership Committee will receive project requests from the Parish Council committee members. The Men's Club members will volunteer for projects based on their availability and talents. Some of our projects include Ministries Day Sunday, Parish Appreciation, Confirmation Retreat, Parish Work Day.

Volunteering to provide expertise for individual projects: We develop a talent bank from the Men's Club membership. The member's specific talents will be cataloged. If someone needs advise or help, the Leadership Committee will contact the Men's Club member with that particular expertise to complete the project. A call to the Men's Club contact will provide an impartial experienced member to properly advise the parishioner.

Volunteering for set-up and tear down for events: We have opportunity projects that involve set-up and tear down of chairs and tables used for receptions after events. We prepare and serve food for several Parish picinic events throughout the year as well.

Opportunities for Social Activities and Spiritual Growth: The Men's Club has several opportunities throughout the year for spiritual growth (e.g. Lenten recollection) and for shared social activities (e.g. attending an Ice Bears Hockey Game).

If you are interested in joining the Men's Club, please contact the office (865-689-7011).